Woman found in Key West after hiding from feds for 18 years

By Erica Albanese,

A woman who had been hiding from federal authorities for 18 years was found and apprehended in Key West Friday.

Michelle Singleton, 66, had been charged with payroll check fraud in 1996 and never appeared in court in Kansas City. A federal fugitive warrant was placed for her arrest, according to the Associated Press.

Eighteen years later, a revelation in the case occurred when the Secret Service discovered that she was possibly living on a houseboat in Key West under the name Catherine Harris.

A Kansas City detective had notified agents after seeing a woman around Key West whom he thought looked like Singleton. Investigators then came to the houseboat and questioned her about her identity, to which she took out an expired license and a birth certificate to attempt to prove that she was Catherine Harris, reports NBC.

As she tried to show the certificate, other papers fell out which turned out to be her actual birth certificate. She eventually admitted to being Michelle Singleton.

Singleton has been taken into custody on federal fugitive charges.



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