Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten leaving for Sonos

By Kyle Johnson,

Xbox Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten announced on Monday that he will be leaving Microsoft and is reportedly heading to consumer electronics company, Sonos.

According to an Xbox.com blog post, Whitten said, "I have had the extreme pleasure over the last 14 years to work on the greatest product with the greatest team and for the greatest community."

Whitten will reportedly be taking the same exact position he has held with Xbox over at Sonos. He has been with Microsoft since the first iteration of the company's console, Xbox. During his time with Microsoft, he helped with the Kinect and Smartglass.

With Whitten leaving, the rest of the Xbox leadership are said to remain in place, but will, for the time being, work under unified operating system head Terry Myerson.

ZDNet reports Whitten's departure comes just as the Game Developers Conference gets underway. Microsoft is supposed to reveal plans for its DirectX12 interface.

His moving on is also at an early stage in the life of the Xbox One, which only came out a few months ago and released its first major AAA title Titanfall last week.

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