You can now have someone live tweet your wedding for $3,000

By Gina Masilotti,

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so you’re going to want all of your friends and followers to be able to check social media for the play-by-play. But being YOUR special day, you shouldn’t have to be the one worrying about that and now, thanks to W Hotel and their new Social Media Wedding Concierge, you won’t have to!

This new service has been described to The Huffington Post in a pitch email just in time for wedding season. The available concierge promises to do away with “shameless wedding selfies,” and this will be available until the end of this year. The whole point of this person is to make everything having to do with your wedding on social media a little bit more professional.

All four W Hotels in New York have hired social media experts to help out brides and grooms on their big day. The e-mail reads, “From live tweets and #hashtags to Vine videos and Instagram filters, W’s Social Media Concierge will document the “I Dos” and encourage guests to utilize a dedicated wedding hashtag for every one of their posts.”

We can’t help but accept the fact that we now live in a world that is completely technology obsessed, but is this something that is really necessary on the most important day of your life? Who knows. It could become a huge trend, creating a less stressful day for the bride and groom, or it could be something couples won’t care about having at all.

With the special hashtag, every Instagram post and Tweet will be available for you to look at in one place, which is nice for the couple who will obviously be too busy to be checking these networks during the wedding. This concierge will also create a “wedding blog” leading up to the big day.

People have reacted to this new wedding trend on Twitter, and most don’t seem to be very fond of the idea of some stranger live tweeting a wedding, especially for $3,000.

Huffington Post's Executive Tech Editor, Bianca Bosker, tweeted, “$3,000 ‘social media wedding concierge’ will come up with a #hashtag for you. please stop,” with a picture of the e-mail.

The whole thing does seem a little ridiculous, but maybe it’s something we never realized we wanted for our wedding day. What are your thoughts?



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