Zac Efron punched in the face by homeless man in Skid Row area of Los Angeles, questioned by cops (Report)

By Gina DiFalco,

Zac Efron was reportedly involved in a physical altercation with a homeless man in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles in the early hours late Sunday night.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ the High School Musical star, who completed two stints in rehab for cocaine addiction, was with his bodyguard under the Harbor Freeway when he was seen getting into a fight with at least three people.

The story is kind of fuzzy – as Efron, 26, claimed he and his bodyguard ran out of gas and while they were sitting in the car waiting for help, they threw a bottle out of the car window. Three men then approached the vehicle, thinking Efron was throwing the bottle at them purposely and a fight ensued.

"It was the hardest I've ever been hit in my life,” Efron told cops. Although the actor was "obviously intoxicated,” he didn’t get arrested because it’s seen as "mutual combat.”

As we previously reported, Efron had a similarly strange story when he broke his jaw in November, saying he slipped and fell in a rain puddle. He had to have his jaw wired shut.

It was revealed in September of last year that he had completed stints in rehab for cocaine addiction. He said in January while promoting That Awkward Moment, “I feel like I'm in a great place and I'm glad that I'm really here to share this moment with everybody and be present for all of it.”



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