Zac Efron is selling his bachelor pad in Hollywood Hills

By Elaine Alluin ,

Actor Zac Efron is looking for a new start.

People reports that Efron put his bachelor pad that is in Hollywood Hills on the market for $2.849 million. The young 26-year-old actor bought the house in December 2008 for $2.35 million.

Since he has been released from rehab, Efron has started making positive changes in his life. A friend from Efron’s inner circle of friends explains how Efron has moved towards a sober, clean life.

“He cut most everyone out of his life who were part of the party scene," said the source.

E! Online reports that Efron’s house is a two-bedroom home which features flawless glass walls, and an infinity-edge swimming pool.

With the excitement of selling his home, Efron is getting ready for his upcoming film Neighbors. MTV reports that Efron and co-star Seth Rogen joked about who was shirtless more throughout the film.

In the film, Rogen is a happy husband and father living in a peaceful neighborhood with his wife, who is played by Rose Byrne. Their quiet neighborhood is turned upside down when Zac Efron’s fraternity moves in next door.

Rogen revealed how he felt about being shirtless in the film. "I'm shirtless more in the movie than I wish I was!" said Rogen."The ratio is off, the Zac to Seth shirtlessness. It's like, one to one. That's not what you want. It should be 50 to one!"

Efron didn’t mind being without a shirt, but he wasn’t too pleased about filming at Abercrombie and Fitch.

"The second day of filming was Abercrombie and Fitch," said Efron. "I was standing there going, f--k this is my nightmare. This is very well what could happen to me some day."

Below is the trailer for Efron’s upcoming film Neighbors that is set to hit theaters on May 9.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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