11 Students and driver hurt in Calif. school bus crash

By Kyle Johnson,

A California school bus crashed near a golf course in the Anaheim Hills on Thursday and injured at least 11 students on board as well as the driver.

Authorities say that the bus jumped a curb and crashed into some trees, with a witnesses saying that the bus appeared to be traveling at a high rate of speed, reports The Associated Press.

Andrea Shurtz who witnessed the crash spoke with KABC-TV and said, "It came flying down the hill" and managed to get some air and it "took out trees along the way."

The driver and two students were reportedly in critical condition after the crash and had to be taken to the hospital. The driver had to be removed with the help of firefighters as he was trapped on the bus.

Those not needing hospitalization were treated on site, according to the Los Angeles Times. Though most reports say about 12 people were injured in the crash, Anaheim Fire Marshall Jeff Lutz said that there looked to be about 13 people receiving medical care.



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