A '14-year-old white girl' sends threatening tweets to American Airlines

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
The girl pretends to be a terrorist in Al Qaida

With the recent news surrounding the Malaysian Airlines incident, the world figured the last person they’d have to worry about is an “innocent” 14-year-old girl, but for American Airlines this was not the case. Threatening tweets worried the airline and forced them to take action.

A person using the name of “Sarah” sent out a threatening tweet stating that she was, in fact, a member of Al Qaida and planning on executing some big plan, reports the New York Daily News.

The airline responded to “Sarah's” tweet, stating that they take threats seriously, when the account user apologized and claimed she’s just a “white girl” and her friend is the one to blame.

“I’m just a fangirl pls I don’t have evil thoughts and plus I’m a white girl,”she tweeted, according to The Toronto Sun.

Many people decided to tweet at the airline’s Twitter account as well — some sticking up for the girl, saying she didn’t mean it, while others said there should be more serious action taken.

The tweets went viral but there was no news if the FBI became involved.



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