'2 Broke Girls' Recap: 'And the Free Money'

By May Chan,
Caroline gambles her soul away

As Caroline and Max take shots while paying their bills, they realize that they have broken even with paying off their bills. What do they do? Take shots to celebrate.

The waitresses walk into the diner with pride that they have paid off their bills before Han emerges with a new iPhone. A happy Han meets Siri, which he claims finds him hilarious.

When Han takes a selfie of Max, he hashtags it with “#willdiealone.” Han already receives a “like.”

Then, Sophie walks in announcing she has a new boyfriend, who dropped her off in his new Lincoln. Sophie's boyfriend follows, and Sophie cannot keep her giddiness to herself.

Nicky introduces himself to which Max poses the eternal question she asks everyone: “Are you my dad?”

Making jealous remarks, Oleg observes Sophie and her new man. And Oleg should be jealous because not only is he making Sophie happy, but he is also making Caroline and Max happy with a generous tip.

Nicky is a bookie and a VIP at the racetrack. Hearing this, Caroline gloats about her ownership of a thoroughbred.

Sophie's boyfriend invites Caroline and Max to the racetrack turf club, where Max indulges in a seafood buffet fit for Max.

When Caroline suggests getting in on the action (while Nicky and Sophie are making out), little do Caroline and Max predict that their horse wins.

This springs Caroline into an addiction with betting as evident when she walks into Max's bedroom in the middle of the night. Caroline searches for money without success. Max reveals that she hides her cash in signature bosom, but Max challenges that Caroline would not sink so low as to steal from her bosom.

Caroline proves otherwise when she makes a grab for Max's breasts to get the money.

The next day, Caroline comes into the diner late, and a hopeful Max thinks that Caroline has won back their money.

However, Caroline shares the bad news that she and Max lost by a lot and that they owe Nicky.

Max corrects Caroline that she owes Nicky, not Max. Caroline says that she only needs one sure win to repay Nicky and suggests potential race horses.

At the sound of a particular race horse, Han chimes in that the horse belongs to one of his buddies. Caroline asks Han for help, yet Han will only help on one condition—that Max stop making short jokes from here on out.

Hold that thought as Max dribbles short joke after short joke just to get it out of her system.

Max is not out of the woods, though, as she accompanies Caroline and Han to the jockey locker room, where she can barely contain her autopilot mouth.

Will Han's buddy be able to give Caroline the inside track to bring that money back?

Tune into 2 Broke Girls on Mondays at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.



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