'2 Broke Girls' Recap: 'And the New Lease on Life'

By May Chan,
Caroline and Max need help from the old tenant

At the end of the night, Han calls for a staff meeting and he receives the highs and lows from his employees. “My low is this meeting,” Earl says. “And my high is when it wraps up.”

When Han wraps up the meeting, he stands up and he hits his junk against the table, prompting him to say that's his new low, and everyone around him to say that is their new high.

Back at Max and Caroline's apartment, the ladies hear a ringtone, but it's none of their cell phones ringing. It's the landline.

A worried Caroline wonders who's on the other line, especially since Max had warned her that if anyone were to call on that phone, nothing good would come of it.

Max picks up the receiver and hangs up. On the next ring, Caroline picks up, while Max is in the background saying that it might be the landlord.

“Quick! Grab two things you love,” Max suggests as she grabs her breasts.

Caroline scrambles around but realizes she loves nothing in the apartment.

When Sophie knocks on the door, she tells Max and Caroline to answer the phone. Caroline lets Sophie know that she and Max have been illegally subletting the apartment. Sophie initially thought that the girls made their money through prostitution, but she ruled that out once she saw Caroline dance.

Over at the diner, Max runs in to tell Caroline about the original tenant of the apartment. Now, Max just has to hunt the guy down from the retirement home and lure him out. Caroline thinks she found another apartment.

Overhearing this conversation, Oleg suggests Caroline and Max move in with these two girls for a not-so-shabby price. The only catch is that they would be filmed. And the girls would have the pick of singles in the area.

Caroline and Max walk away from Oleg in disgust.

When Earl hears that Caroline and Max are hanging on to their apartment, he suggests coming over to his building because a space just became opened.

However, when the waitresses see the tight space, Max said it best: it can't even fit her breasts in that confined space let alone two people.

At the retirement home, Max suggests to Caroline that they might as well live here. When Max and Caroline find the man, who used to dwell in their apartment, they try to convince him to live there temporarily just until they get their landlord off their backs.

Will Caroline and Max's scheme work, or is Caroline and Max following the elderly back to his retirement home?

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