'2 Broke Girls' Recap: 'And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake'

By May Chan,
Max and Caroline cater to a bridezilla Lindsay Lohan

When Caroline receives a $20 tip, Max inquires her secret at the diner.

The perky waitress reveals, “The lady at that table asked me what was special here and I said, 'I used to be' and I burst into tears. I bust that out whenever I need a manicure.”

Caroline hands Earl his tax documents and brags that she looks forward to using her financial degree during tax season, rather than on counting Q-tips.

Later on in the night, Caroline and Max work in their cupcake shop, but Max wants to bail when it's only past midnight.

However, when a man and his fiancee (guest star Lindsay Lohan) have a craving for cupcakes, they end up hiring Max and Caroline for their upcoming wedding.

Max initially doesn't want to take the job. Caroline points out that Max's hesitance stems from her break-up with Deke. When Claire, the bride-to-be, chats about her failed attempt at her clothing shop, she is surprised that Max and Caroline still have the push to try again with their cupcake shop.

Claire mitigates the ladies' success by presuming that they didn't have any boyfriends. Claire's demands on her wedding cake go into overdrive as Caroline jots down change after change.

During another shift at the diner, Caroline questions Sophie on her taxes like how Sophie has listed “Sophie” as her occupation.

“It's a full time job, Baby,” Sophie reasons.

Max busts into the diner from the cupcake shop to complain about Claire's indecisiveness. Not only does she call Han a MINI Cooper, but Max also grabs liquor from the top shelf.

The joke is on Max, Han says, because despite his height he still has a stepladder.

Claire phones Caroline to make another change on the cake, so when Caroline relays the message to Max, who has been working on the cake in the cupcake shop, Max's frustration is up to her breaking point.

Anything for Claire Bear, right? Max lights up the bride and groom wedding topper in flames and stabs it into the top tier of the wedding cake.

“I'm sensing a lot of hostility,” Caroline says. “That has nothing to do with that couple and maybe more about you and a certain groom that didn't happen.”

After Max finishes the wedding cake, the task at hand is transferring the cake. From the many obstacles in the kitchen to the distractions on the subway, Caroline and Max almost get away with transporting the cake only for Caroline to fall on the cake at a subway stop.

Although the cake suffered a mishap, Max used styrofoam from Radio Shack to remold the cake and the ladies deliver the cake to the wedding on time.

Nevertheless, the frustrated wedding planner will not pay Max and Caroline for their services until the bride walks down the aisle, but with this unpredictable bride, will these broke girls end up footing the bill?

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