3-year-old banned from day care for saying curse word

By Morgan Cox,

A day care center in Texas has banned 3-year-old Arianna Wright for using a curse word. Her mother, Cassandra Wright, said the Jubilee Child Development Center has unnecessarily overreacted by banning Arianna from the building.

"I'm still a little bit upset, but most of all was hurt, I was devastated, really hurt," the mother said.

According to Yahoo! News, the day care center banned Arianna despite the the fact that the child didn't seem to know what the 's' word meant. However, Alissa Blankenship, the director of the Jubilee Child Development Center, explained that the center has a strict policy and there is zero tolerance when it comes to using curse words.

Blankenship was questioned about whether or not she felt that dismissing the 3-year-old from the daycare was taking the situation too far and she replied with, "Well, as a private center and also a parent myself, you know there's decisions and choices that we have to make."

Blankenship added she feels Arianna will continue to curse if she were allowed to stay, since she laughed after she used it the first time.

WOAI noted that Arianna was not the first child to be expelled from the center. Another child was expelled several months ago for using a curse word.



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