9-month-old charged with attempted murder

By Victoria Greene,

A 9-month-old in Pakistan has been charged with attempted murder after family threw bricks at police.

According to CNN, on Feb. 1, Pakistani officials went to the home of infant Muhammad Mosa Khan to collect for a bill that had not been paid. While officers were there, the infant’s father, teenage brothers, and other unidentified residents injured law enforcement by throwing bricks at them.

After the altercation, authorities went back to the house to search for anyone inside and arrested those they found.

According to The New York Daily News, family members of the child have stated that they were protesting the lack of energy in the city of Lahore.

"Our crime is that we had protested against non-availability of electricity in our locality,” said Ahmed, the child’s father.

Muhammad was fingerprinted and booked along with other members of his family on Wednesday.

The appearance of a child in a court of law, however, did not sit well with anyone, including the judge presiding over the case.

According to Fox News, Judge Rafaqat Ali granted the infant bail after he realized his age, but the child is due back in court April 12, since the case was not in Ali's jurisdiction.

The infant is formally charged with stoning and attempted murder. According to Senior Superintendent of Police Rana Jabbar, the infant's booking was simply a case of misunderstanding and the officer who booked the boy has since been suspended.



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