Aaron Sorkin apologizes to everyone for HBO's 'The Newsroom'

By Kyle Johnson,

While talking with former President Barack Obama speech writer Jon Favreau on stage at the Tribeca Film Festival, Aaron Sorkin looked to the crowd and said he wanted to apologize for HBO's The Newsroom.

Favreau asked him about what he has learned about the media while working on the show and Sorkin turned to the crowd and noted that "I think you and I got off on the wrong foot with The Newsroom and I apologize and I'd like to start over, reports Buzzfeed.

"I think there's been a terrible misunderstanding" of the show, Sorkin said. He noted that he never intended when he set the show in the recent past to "show the pros how it should have been done." He said that real news events were used simply because he "didn't want to make up any fake news."

Sorkin said, "It was going to be weird if the world that these people were living in did not in any way resemble the world that you were living in."

The West Wing creator added that his hope was for a "terrific dynamic" to result from the "audience know[ing] more than the characters do." He reiterated his apology from before that he didn't set out to "teach you a lesson or try to persuade you or anything."

Responding to an audience question, Sorkin said that though "I feel like I'm just now starting to learn how to write it," he is proud of the show, but wishes he could "start again" from the beginning.

Sorkin's latest project is the Steve Jobs film, which he wrote the screenplay for, but the project has been stalled due to not having a director. David Fincher backed out so now Danny Boyle is reportedly in talks to helm the film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sorkin said that he was proud of the script since it has been "one of the very few times I ended up writing what I set out to write when I began."



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