'About a Boy' reap: 'About a Boy's Dad'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On this week's episode of About a Boy, Marcus prepared for field day, Will reached new limits in his relationship with Sam and Marcus' dad came back.

This was my favorite episode of About a Boy. It had humor, charm and actual character development. It was great.

The episode began with Will trying to teach Marcus how to play baseball. In true Marcus fashion, he was not good at all. Like, he was terribly bad.

While they were playing, Fiona comes out with news. Marcus' dad was coming from Antarctica for a visit. Marcus screams in excitement. Fiona talks about how attractive her ex is. Will sits back shocked.

Marcus' dad is a complete nerd. When Fiona introduces the two, Will sarcastically shakes his hand. His name is Hugh and he is a penguin researcher from Antarctica.

It is interesting to see Will interact with Hugh. The two are vastly different. Will sarcastic and witty while Hugh is seemingly dimwitted and lame. When Hugh, Fiona and Marcus go inside as a family, Will is left to go home alone.

As Will is alone, Fiona knocks on the wall and asks for his help. She wants him to come over and watch the penguin presentation. She also says that she can’t stay away from Marcus’ dad sexually and that she needs Hugh to stay with Will. Will agrees and goes to watch the presentation.

Will, Marcus and Fiona watch the presentation on the penguins. Somehow, Marcus sneaks a picture of himself playing baseball. He invites his father to help him prepare for field day but he doesn’t want to.

Hugh stays the night with Will. As he is preparing for bed, he strips completely naked and lays on the couch. Will deals with it and goes upstairs to bed. In the middle of the night, naked Hugh heads upstairs and sleeps in Will’s bed.

Throughout the night, Will gets closer and closer to Hugh. He wakes up when they are fully spooning. Before he can truly freak out, Dr. Sam arrives at the door. She tells Will how she saved someone’s life and that she wants to sleep with him.

Naked Hugh interrupts them. Sam leaves. Will tells Hugh that he needs to be a better father to Marcus and spend time with him.

Will talks to Fiona about how terrible Hugh is. Fiona says that Will doesn’t understand because he isn’t a parent. Will says that she needs to make Hugh help Marcus with field day because he needs to learn.

Fiona talks to Hugh and says that she wants him to be a good dad and help Marcus. He is for a while. They play baseball and have a great day. However, in the middle of the night, one of Hugh’s penguins is missing so he has to go back to Antarctica. Fiona asks him to stay but he doesn’t. She asks him to say goodbye to Marcus but he doesn’t.

Fiona tells him not to come back. He says that he is good with penguins and she is good with Marcus. And… he leaves. In the morning, Fiona is trying to find a way to tell Marcus that his dad left and won’t be attending field day. She said that she is trying to take the blow but can’t find out a way.

Will says that Marcus can handle it. He tells Fiona to tell the truth. However, just as Fiona is going to tell Marcus that his dad left, Will jumps in and lies. He says that he will tell Marcus all about it while they practice for field day.

At field day, Will and Fiona are there to watch. Marcus gets two strikes then hits the ball. He runs to first base and is safe. Fiona and Will cheer.

That night, Will and Sam are lying in bed. He is ignoring her and watching the clip of Marcus hitting the ball. When she takes off her clothes, he finally pays attention. However, she stops and looks at the phone because she wanted to see Marcus hit the ball. Aw.

Quote of the night: “Hugh, while you’re here, please can you try to be a good dad?”

What did you think of this episode of About a Boy?

image via Facebook from About A Boy



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