'About a Boy' Recap: 'About a Kiss'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On this week’s episode of About a Boy, Fiona and Will went to game night; and Marcus kissed a girl and he liked it.

The episode begins with the boys playing basketball. Fiona arrives to pick up Marcus. The guys are talking about game night and say they aren’t going. But TJ asks out Fiona to take her to game night. Will is strongly against TJ dating her. Fiona says she’ll go because she loves game night. Will changes his mind and says that he’ll go.

Andy’s (hilarious) wife, Laurie, said that Will couldn’t come unless he brings a date because of even numbers. Handy Andy tells Will that game night is when he gets lucky with his wife so Will can’t mess it up. So, Will needs a date.

When Marcus says Dr. Sam’s name, Will says no but Marcus calls her anyway. After chasing Marcus around, Dr. Sam actually said yes and revealed that she would be going to game night with Will. So, he was excited.

Because Will can’t watch Marcus, Fiona drops him off at the baby sitter’s house. It turns out that the babysitter has two teenage daughters who want to set him up with their nerdy sister who is basically a female version of little Marcus.

At game night, Will refuses to believe that TJ and Fiona are “happening.” He says that they aren’t going to get together. Handy Andy tells him that they are and Will won’t accept a TJ/Fiona relationship. But, with Fiona’s sexy dress, it’s clear that they’re going to happen.

Laurie brings Fiona into the kitchen for girl talk. They talk about TJ. Laurie says that if Andy were dead, she would date and sleep with TJ. She says that Fiona should go for it.

Meanwhile, Will is trying to convince TJ to stay away from Fiona. He lies and says that he is in love with her and that he wants TJ to leave Fiona alone. TJ says that it will be a contest to see who gets Fiona. Will says that he doesn’t want to but does it anyway.

The teenage babysitters are harassing Marcus. They’re trying to get Marcus to kiss their sister. The sister and Marcus go into the bathroom to kiss. They both don’t want to. Katie suggests a suicide pact where they both eat peanuts and die. But, then they settle on lying.

At game night, TJ tells everyone that Will loves Fiona. Of course, at that second, Dr. Sam arrives late. Will tells Fiona that he doesn’t love her. He said that to keep TJ away. He said that Fiona is too good for TJ. Laurie calls Will a “game night assassin” and makes him leave. So, he leaves alone and Handy Andy does not get lucky.

With Marcus, he has come out of the bathroom and lied about kissing Katie. The teenage girls don’t believe him so they have to kiss. Marcus’ first kiss finally, forcefully, happened. Of course he had to tell Will.

After Marcus left, Fiona came over to talk to Will. She said that she can take care of herself but she believes that he did an honorable thing in his own way. Side note, I do not want Fiona and Will to be a couple. That would ruin the whole dynamic.

Dr. Sam comes over in the final minutes of the episode and says that Will did a good thing and then they kiss.



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