'About a Boy' recap: 'About a Poker Night'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On this week’s episode of About a Boy, Will had poker night, Marcus had his first sleepover and Fiona spent her first night alone at Will's poker night.

At the beginning of the episode, Will and Marcus are playing poker. Marcus tells him about the sleepover and that he is becoming more popular. While playing poker, Fiona comes in and says that she packed Marcus’ bag. In the bag are his footie pajamas and a phone so he can call her.

Will warns Marcus not to call his mother at the sleepover because it is social suicide. But Marcus keeps his phone just in case that he needs to call his mother. Fiona says that her kid-free night is going to include reading a book and doing yoga. Will says that it is his poker night.

Poker night doesn’t go as well as he planned. His friends are no longer the fun immature people that they used to be. Richard (Toofer from 30 Rock!) has back and digestion problems, Crosby (Dax Shepherd) brought his daughter, Andy talks about his kids and T.J. talked about how amazing his life was. Will is annoyed but doesn’t make a big deal about it, yet.

When Fiona drops Marcus off, she’s sad. But, Marcus says that he is going to be ok. She goes home and tries to do the things that she planned. However, she gets bored and decides to go over to Will’s house.

At Will’s he’s pouting that Dr. Sam isn’t calling him back. Which, he shouldn’t be surprised, he did lie about his song writing. I’m glad she’s not calling back. I’m team Dakota/Will. (Wakota? Dill?)

Crosby’s daughter is having explosive diarrhea and he has to go home, leaving Will one poker player short. But, Fiona comes over and they are back to their game. Will’s definitely not happy with the new player. He gets even madder when the guys abandon the game to go eat the hummus that Fiona brought.

At the sleepover, Marcus isn’t having a good time. The kids are playing Xbox and he’s not interested in that. Then the boys want to watch a scary movie and Marcus isn’t having that either. He tries to get the other kids to watch a less-scary movie but they are going to watch more scary movies. Marcus is not happy with that but lies to fit in.

At poker night, Fiona is drunk and Will is steaming that she’s there. She’s given his friends nicknames and even calls Will “Wet Willy.” After Fiona starts doing yoga with his friends, Will hits the tipping point. He says that these are his friends and that it isn’t his fault that Marcus is his only friend.

Fiona leaves, calls Will’s bluff, and Will’s friends follow her to her house, leaving Will and Andy. Andy talks to Will about how he was being a jerk and says that it is about his pride about Dr. Sam not calling him.

At Fiona’s, she’s telling T.J. and Richard how she learned how to play poker. She says that she learned at Oxford. As she tells them, she gets completely wasted. She says now she only gets to play Go Fish with her son on Friday nights. Meanwhile, Will and Andy are playing Go Fish.

Marcus, fed up with the party, calls his mother to pick him up. Realizing that she is too drunk to drive, she goes to Will. On the drive over, Fiona apologizes and Will says that it isn’t her fault and that she is welcome to his poker nights sometimes.

When they get to the party, Fiona realizes that she can’t let Marcus leave but she doesn’t want him to know that she’s drunk. So, she has Will do all of the talking.

Will says that it is ok to be scared and that he used to be scared of the dentist but he realized that it was the sound. So, he gave Marcus his iPod but tells him not to judge him.

The final scene is Marcus watching the scary movie to the tune of “Mmmbop.”

Side Notes:

-I hope the writers never push a Fiona/Will romance. I like their love/hate relationship as it is.
-Great music choices this episode. “Ho Hey” fit in perfectly.



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