'About a Boy' Recap: 'About a Slopmaster'

By Lauren Wheeler,
It's not about the money, money, money

On this week’s episode of About a Boy, Will tries to impress Dr. Sam, Marcus learns the unimportance of wealth and Fiona plans Mini Society at Marcus’ school.

The episode began with Fiona and Marcus planning Mini Society. Fiona was going to volunteer at Marcus’ school for a whole week to pretend that all of the students were in old England. He was excited. However, their fun was cut off when Will received his royalty check in the mail.

Marcus and Will celebrated because Will got a lot of money. Apparently his Christmas song is popular around the world and he gets money every time they play it. I’m not really sure why he would get royalty money for a Christmas song when it isn’t Christmas time but, whatever. It was awesome to see Marcus and Will spend it on useless things.

Will, Marcus and Handy Andy go shopping to spend Will’s check. Andy is telling will that he is calling Dr. Sam too much and that he needs to move on. Will decides to buy a Margarita Maker and throw a party to win Dr. Sam over again. Marcus buys remote controlled sharks for he and Will.

Marcus wants to be the king of Mini Society. Fiona tells him that money isn’t important. While it is great that Marcus is friends with Will, Fiona knows that it is completely unhealthy that Will is flaunting his wealth in front of Marcus.

Will uses the robotic shark to invite Dr. Sam to the party and she accepts. However, she sends him a text message backing out because of a double shift. Will becomes proactive and asks Bev, the nurse, what Sam’s schedule is. Bev says that she does have a double shift. Will then pays her to open up Sam’s schedule. So, due to the new time, Will is going to have the party at his house at two in the afternoon.

At school, Marcus draws the card for King but Fiona switches it out and gives him Slop Master. Marcus is obviously upset because, instead of being the richest person in mini society, he’ll be an outcast.

He goes to Will for advice. Will tells him to take initiative and rise about his monetary problems. Instead of finding an honest way out, Marcus decides to print more money and goes on a shopping spree at little society.

When Marcus and Fiona arrive home, she tells him how proud she is that he worked out being Slop Master. She even brought him a cupcake. However, unknown to her, he had tons of cupcakes and stuff, due to the fact that he had lied about his money.

Will interrupts them and says that he has bought Marcus an iPad to cheer him up. Fiona scolds him and says that money can’t buy happiness but Marcus is too excited about the iPad to even care about the lesson that Fiona is teaching him.

Fiona tells Will that money can’t fix things and can’t solve a “crap week.” She also finds out that there is a counterfeiter among the mini society and sets a trap to catch them.

Will has his party and Sam shows up. He has all of her favorite things and she catches on that something is off. She finds out that he Googled her and she believes that it is sweet that he would go through such trouble just to win her over. However, when she finds out that he paid to get her off work, she assumes he is just another rich guy.

As Will tries to tell her that he hates money, she notices that he is literally just printing money from his printer. Looking at it, he realizes that Marcus is the counterfeiter and needs to save him at mini society.

At mini society, Fiona has set a trap. She gave the baker a pie that no one can afford and she believes that the counterfeiter will try to buy it. Worst Mom of the Year Award winner said that they should stone the counterfeiter. But, before Fiona could disagree, they discovered that Marcus was the counterfeiter.

Before they could punish Marcus, Will popped in and tried to stand up for him. He said that he was to blame and that people should stone him. So they did.

Will goes home to discover that the party is over and that Dr. Sam left. However, she did leave a note on his shark saying that he needed surgery.

With Fiona and Marcus, Fiona tells him that she made him the slop master on purpose so he could learn a lesson. Fiona said that she couldn’t afford i-anything and didn’t want Marcus to be upset. He said that he wasn’t.

Finally, Will helps Marcus with his punishment- scraping bubble gum off of chair seats. The janitor offers to do it for pay but Marcus says that he wants to be taught a lesson.

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