Alleged gang member on trial attempted to attack witness in court

By Kyle Johnson,

An alleged gang member on trial in Salt Lake City tried to attack a witness testifying against him on Monday in federal court leaving a U.S. marshal with little choice but to shoot him.

Siale Angilau, armed with a pen or pencil, attempted to attack a witness, but a U.S. marshal managed to shoot and wound him, reports the Salt Lake Tribune. FBI Special Agent Mark Dressen said the 25-year-old defendant was still breathing as he was taken to the hospital.

Believed Tongang Crip gang member Angilau is currently standing trial for allegedly shooting two deputy U.S. Marshalls seven years ago. He has been charged, along with other gang members, for racketeering charges.

He allegedly attacked the witness, while they were on the witness stand, according to a spectator at the trial, Perry Cardwell. He also said the marshal fire eight shots noting, "I thought, when is he going to stop shooting."

Angilau was not kept restrained in the courtroom as it was felt that the appearance of chains could lead to jury prejudice.

According to Reuters, U.S. Attorney's Office spokeswoman Melodie Rydalch, no one else was hurt during the attack.

Dressen admitted that no one is sure yet how many times Angilau was hit by the marshal's shots. He did say, "they stopped the threat to the witness. The courtroom was fully secured at that time, and there's not additional threats to the community."



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