Alleged gang member who attacked witness in court dies

By Kyle Johnson,

An alleged gang member on trial in Salt Lake City succumbed to his gunshot wounds on Monday and died just hours after attempting to attack a witness.

A U.S. marshal was forced to shoot 25-year-old Tongan Crip gang member Siale Angilau after he attempted to charge the witness stand, armed with either a pen or pencil, reports USA Today. Angilau was hit by several rounds and was taken to the hospital where it was just announced he passed away.

As previously reported, he was on trial for racketeering and shooting two deputy U.S. marshals back in 2007.

The defendant wasn't restrained while in court as it is believed that he might be unfairly judged by the jury if he showed up in chains.

No one else was hurt, and it isn't even exactly known how many shots were fired at Angilau, though a spectator at the trial said it appeared to be eight rounds. "I thought, when is he going to stop shooting."

The judge in the case, Tena Campbell, ruled that it was a mistrial shortly after the attack, noting that the current jury wouldn't be able to fairly judge the case.



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