‘Amazing Race’ Recap: ‘The Accidental Alliance’

By Lauren DuBois,
An alliance forms after the U-turn drama

Following the U-turn drama from Orvieto, teams started the ninth leg of the All-Star season by taking a train from Rome to Altdorf, Switzerland.

Brenchel, Dave and Connor, Jen and Caroline, and Leo and Jamal all ended up on the same train with the Cowboys on one right behind them. While on the train, a major alliance was formed against Brenchel in retaliation for what happened in Orvieto.

Once in Altdorf, teams had to find the William Tell monument to receive their next clue. Because they had to wait until sunrise, everyone caught up and received the clue to drive to Luzerne and find the Chapel Bridge.

Here, Brenchel wound up in last place after going to the wrong bridge. The other teams managed to stay just ahead for some time afterwards.

After the bridge, teams went to the Schweizerhof Hotel, where they had to restore a room trashed by hard-partying rock stars back to the Swiss standards of cleanliness and excellence.

After the hotel task, teams had to go to the Swiss Museum of Transport, where they had to then answer a question about what a huge drillbit artifact had been used for. After, they had to search the museum for the Ford exhibit, where they would then choose an older model Ford Mustang, and using road signs on a building and a provided formula, they would need to calculate the model year of their vehicle.

From there, teams drove to Oberrickenbach and encountered a roadblock. Here, one member of each team chose a dog and a cart, transported empty milk jugs up a mountain to a farm, exchanged them for full ones, and then delivered them back to the milk truck before receiving the next clue.

Afterwards, teams headed to the Pit Stop at the top of Mount Titlus in Engelberg.

Dave and Connor arrived first, winning a 2015 Mustang each. They were followed almost immediately by Jet and Cord and Leo and Jamal in second and third. Brenchel arrived fourth.

The county singers were the last team to arrive; however, they did not get eliminated once again, after being saved by the non-elimination leg.



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