‘Amazing Race’ Recap: ‘Donkeylicious’

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams Encounter a Double U-Turn In Orvieto

Teams hustled out of room towards Orvieto this leg, in the hopes they would be among the first to hit the U-Turn board.

They first headed to the Civita De Borongenio, where they encountered the Detour. In “Donkey Race,” teams had to race donkeys 3 laps around a course before a song ended. Brendon and Rachel, Dave and Connor and The Globetrotters all chose these (Globetrotters temporarily switched to donkey build, and then back to race). In “Donkey Build,” they had to correctly assemble a wooden donkey and deliver it. The Afghanimals, Country Singers and Cowboys chose this. The cowboys used their express pass.

The tension between Brendon and Rachel and Dave and Connor continued, as Brenchel froze them out and didn’t tell them where the helmets were for the Donkey races. They were also first to Hostaria del ponte-the location of the U-Turn board. Despite originally planning to U-Turn the cowboys, they then U-turned Dave and Connor instead because they were right behind them.

Everyone is shocked to see Dave and Connor on the U-Turn board, including Dave and Connor. They didn’t intend to U-Turn anyone and felt they now needed to, U-turning the Afghanimals. On their way back to complete the second Detour, they ran into them and warned them they had done it, and explained their reasons why. They then decided to work on the donkey build together, and included the cowgirls with it.

The teams then headed to La Badia De Orvietto, where they encountered a Roadblock . They needed to copy a page from an ancient manuscript in a way similar to the ancient monks and create an exact replica.

From there, teams had to drive to orvieto, take a funicular, and head to the Pit Stop.

1: Brendon and Rachel: $7,500 cash each
2: Jet and Cord
3: Leo and Jamal
4: Dave and Connor
5: Caroline and Jennifer
6: Globetrotters-ELIMINATED



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