Amazon buys digital comics platform Comixology

By Kyle Johnson,

Online retailer Amazon is set to purchase Comixology, a digital comics company, the two companies announced on Thursday. Neither announcement revealed how much Amazon paid.

Comixology posted a letter on its website making the announcement. The message, written by CEO and co-founder David Steinberger, notes that Comixology will be able to keep its current identity despite the purchase and with Amazon on its side, the company will be "taking comics further."

Amazon also announced the acquisition in a press release. Vice president of content acquisition and independent publishing David Naggar noted that Amazon has long been a fan of the digital comics platform that has been "changing the way we buy and read comics and graphic novels."

The Associated Press reports that Comixology launched back in 2007. The company offers both comics and graphic novels in a digital format from over 75 publishers. The site sells comics from big-name companies, such as Marvel and DC, as well as smaller publishers.



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