'American Idol' Recap: Music of the '80s results show

By Francisco Flores,
Another hopeful's dreams are crushed

Thursday’s result show opened with Kevin Bacon stepping in for Ryan Seacrest as he introduced the show, but Seacrest quickly swooped in and took over.

This season, the show has been cutting down result shows in half. What once was an hour-long results show is now only 30 minutes and moves almost too fast. With the time cut, they also cut the bottom three to a bottom two.

To make the 30 minutes seem like two hours, they hold off on announcing any sort of results until the second half of the show. They usually have at least one guest performance a week, but missed this week. They did, however, have a surprise appearance from Demi Lovato on Wednesday’s show. She stayed throughout the entire episode offering advice and acting as a distraction for the audience.

This week’s bottom two were Dexter and Jessica. Though Jessica is not a particular fan favorite among the younger audience, she continues to hold her own as she makes her way onto next week’s top six performances. With this new setup of the bottom two instead of three, you’d think the show would have a little more time to give the contestants some time to process it, but no. They are called into the bottom two, and one is eliminated all within five minutes.

The person eliminated this week was ... DEXTER! His overall performances on the show were not “winner” material, which ultimately gave him the axe.

According to TV Line, the theme for next week’s top six performances is country and rock 'n' roll! Who do you think will shine above the rest next week?

If you missed Wednesday’s performances, check out E!’s coverage of each individual one here.



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