‘American Idol’ Recap: Top 5 are revealed!

By Francisco Flores,

These half-hour installments of results shows on American Idol are proving to be very refreshing, yet completely unorganized. The pace of the show begins extremely slow, and then feels rushed towards the last 10 minutes of the show. Anyway, here’s what happened on Thursday’s results show.

The introductions of Ryan Seacrest, the judges and the contestants along with a useless video to recap the contestants’ thoughts on their performances lasted an entire six minutes without even a mention of results. This has become a tradition with the show, not just this season, but for all. They use a profuse amount of filler segments to delay the results show.

The show returned with another video to promote Ford vehicles, which are awarded to the winner and the runner-up at the end of each season. It immediately led into a video of Randy Jackson’s thoughts on the performances the night before.

The first person safe was Sam Woolf. The judges must be pretty pleased that he has made it so far after he was originally eliminated but then saved by them. Caleb was also safe, which put C.J. in the bottom two this week.

Jena was saved by America, which left Alex and Jessica in the final two spots. Unfortunately for Jessica, she was sent to the bottom two, meaning Alex will return next week when the top five contestants sing.

Between Jessica and C.J., both have great potential and probably should have stayed for at least another week. In the end, only one was able to return.

C.J. was booted from the competition, leaving Jessica with a face of shock. The traditional video of the contestant going home played after every elimination showed happier times of C.J. before his premature elimination.

He sang a heartfelt version of Marshall Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See.” Everyone on stage besides Seacrest was in tears as they bid a farewell to C.J. Harris.

Tune in next week when the top five contestants will be singing songs based on America’s Choice! Guest mentor Jason Mraz will also work alongside the five Idol hopefuls as he coaches them to survive another week.



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