'American Idol's' James Durbin wants to 'Celebrate' with success of new album

By Gabrielle Washington,

After breaking into four different categories on the Billboard charts, James Durbin explained his maturity, and how he wrote his sophomore album.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a couple of months into his first tour, the former American Idol contestant began writing music for his sophomore album and wanted to change things up.

"When you do a show where every song is at a 10, there’s no room to take your audience on a ride. I was singing every song at full force because that’s what the first album was," he told THR.

An eclectic sounding album was especially Durbin's goal, according to Newsday's review. He definitely wanted to tell a story on his growth as a musician and an artist.

"Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen do three or four-hour concerts and they take you from these big, fun rock songs to ballads to pop songs and folk and country songs and everything in between," Durbin said. "I wanted to make a record that showed how I’ve evolved and that I’m still finding myself as an artist and a songwriter.”

With the recognition from fans, Durbin has crushed four different categories on the Billboard charts. He has reached No. 14 on the Top rock albums, broke even at No. 83 on The Billboard 200, rests at No. 21 for top internet albums, and reached No. 78 on top current albums.

Although he is still finding himself as an artist and a musician, he is making his own mark in the industry.



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