Ana Trujillo convicted of murdering boyfriend with stiletto heel

By Kyle Johnson,

A woman was found guilty on Tuesday in Houston by a jury for the death of her boyfriend using a stiletto heel. She now faces life in prison.

Ana Trujillo was convicted of killing her boyfriend, Dr. Stefan Andersson, by repeatedly bludgeoning him with a stiletto heel, reports ABC News. Prosecutors says she struck him about 25 times in the head with her size 9 with 5 inch stiletto heel.

Her attorney tried to claim that she had only used the heel to try and defend herself during an argument, something she told police during an interrogation. However, though she claimed then Andersson was angry, she never told the 911 dispatcher she was scared for her life.

Prosecutor John Jordan said, "This is not self-defense, this is a vicious murder," notes the Houston Chronicle. "To suggest this was anything close to self-defense is offensive."

A neighbor said that they never heard a woman yell, but could definitely hear a man yelling that night.

Neither the prosecutors nor the defense were exactly sure on Andersson's death and the 59-year-old did not suffer any skull fractures. It was suggested either he died of a heart attack while Trujillo was hitting him, trauma to the head or he suffocated while his girlfriend was on top of him as she beat him.



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