Apple has sold 20 million Apple TV's to date

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Apple has announced that since they launched Apple TV, they have sold over 20 million units. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is confident that this product is now a major competitor in other markets.

In the company's earning report that Cook presented on Wednesday he explained that he is already looking forward for the product. "We’ve got a pretty large installed base there,” said Cook during his presentation. “I’m feeling quite good about that business and where it can go.”

Variety reported that because of Apple TV and the products that come with it, this brought in an additional $1 billion in revenue to the company.

In the early stages of this product Cook called Apple TV a "hobby," but in light of the success of the product he has changed his tune. "It didn’t feel right to me to refer to something that’s over a billion dollars as a ‘hobby,’” said Cook.

Mac World also detailed that the company had sold over 44 million iPhones, which set a new March-quarter record.



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