'Arrow' recap: 'The Man Under the Hood'

By Rachel Rivera,

Team Arrow is on a mission…or a bad idea, as Felicity reminds them before Oliver retorts that this plan was hers in the first place. Turns out, they’re on a mission to destroy the Queen Consolidated Applied Sciences warehouse in an effort to deter Slade’s plans. After meeting back up at the foundry, the team discusses the fact that they’re eager to attack but they can’t because they’re unsure of how he’s going to strike next.

Meanwhile, Laurel is dealing with the bomb Slade dropped on her. She’s tracking down any lead on Oliver and The Arrow, compiling them on a board in her living room. When she goes to visit her father in prison, she tries to convince him to tell her the identities of the Arrow and Black Canary in an effort to get him released, but he admits he doesn’t know.

The Queens aren’t exactly a picture of a happy family either. Isabel’s takeover has not only taken away Queen Consolidated, but has also caused the Queens’ shares in the company to become nearly worthless, leaving them broke. Oliver questions why Isabel wanted to do this to them and Moira tells him about his father’s affair with his young, pretty intern Isabel Rochev.

Back at Verdant, the team realizes that Roy has cleared out and been gone for a couple days. Unfortunately, their planning gets put on hold when they walk into the basement and find a surprise: Slade waiting for them. Quickly, the team springs into action but Sara isn’t so lucky when she ends up in the hospital. When Laurel comes to check in on her, it’s clear that she’s beginning to see through the shaky alibis Sara and Oliver keep giving her as to how they keep getting hurt.

Oliver doesn’t stay away from the club for long, however, as he finally gets a chance to talk to Thea. Unfortunately, she’s less interested in hearing what he has to say as she’s working through the knowledge of her further messed up family tree. Oliver’s day gets worse when Felicity breaks the news that Slade was only down there to steal the skeleton key and suggests he’s going to use it to find a replacement for what they were trying to use at QC’s Applied Sciences division.

At Star Labs, two unsuspecting scientists quickly find out what Deathstroke was after. Though they manage to escape due to some quick thinking, Slade still manages to take what he was after. When Felicity goes to check on them, it turns out she knows them: Caitlin and Cisco are friends of Barry’s (and set to star in The CW’s new show The Flash coming this fall). Though they won’t tell her what Slade stole, Felicity still manages to hack into the Star Lab’s directors and realizes that he stole a machine to make dozens of blood transfusions possible from one vial of blood.



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