Babysitter drops infant off at firehouse after mother abandons her

By Michelle Kapusta,

A woman, who had agreed to watch a child after her mother kept leaving her alone, dropped the baby off at a firehouse when the mother never came back for her.

According to the New York Daily News, the babysitter, Alysha, said that she agreed to watch the child because her mother kept leaving her alone in a motel room. But when the mother did not return, Alysha brought the abandoned baby girl to a Houston firehouse, so that she could get proper care.

KHOU reported that Alysha said that she watched the child overnight and has yet to hear from her mother.

"She hasn't called, hasn't tried to find out where her baby is," she said. "Pretty much bringing her here was the last resort because we don't know where she belongs."

The mother was reportedly living out of a motel room with her infant daughter.
The baby, named Lily, appears to be in good health and is about 5 months old.

Police and Child Protective Services continue to search for her mother.



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