'Being Human' recap: 'There Goes The Neighborhood'

By Drew Barile,

SyFy's Being Human season finale is crafted and executed nicely. The inclusion of the voice overs gives the episode a great guiding voice that offered insight and ultimately closure. In addition, flash backs of the journey for the three housemates offers hard hitting nostalgia that made anyone want to watch the show over again from the beginning. The most effective thing the voice overs did too was offer a true insight into what it means to be human and how it feels to discover that truth.

But before there is any discussion of the themes and lessons in the episode. A recap of the episode most occur. The episode began right where the viewer left off in "House Haunting." But before that Sally had a voice over explaining how her life was changed by her beloved friends. Aidan has Josh in his grasp, about to snap his neck. Sally is somehow able to freeze the moment and then move Josh, Nora and herself into the basement. Aidan is belligerently rampaging screaming for Josh to show himself and die. Aidan thought that Sally is gone, because Kenny compelled him just before turning to ash.

Sally told Nora and Josh she has a plan. She keeps muttering "what if he wasn't a vampire." She unlocks the door with her magic, allows Aidan to come downstairs and throws him into a wall as he approaches Josh. Once Aidan is unconscious, Sally has Josh and Nora lift Aidan to the bed. She then begins speaking in Latin or whatever the language of her magic is, and recites a spell. A strange glowing aura transfers between Aidan and Sally and she whispers, "there is always a sacrifice."

Aidan arose abruptly short of breath, screaming that he could feel his heartbeat. He stood up, saw Sally who begins leaving a parting message to all her friends. She tells Nora she is going to be watching over them. Then she turns to Aidan and tells him she is giving him the life he deserved. Then tells him she love him before disappearing into nothing.

The house begins to shake and things burst into pieces. Then gang runs upstairs to find a manic Ramona screaming about how she lost her favorite, and things weren't suppose to unfold as they did. She raises the three remaining housemates into the air and throws them into the walls as glass shattered.

Nora, Aidan and Josh run out of the house to the street confused and in a panic. They escape to Nora's old place that Kat was renting. This change in location marked a new voice over, that of Nora's. Her voice over reflects on the meaning of home and the security it offers. Perhaps the most true, but sad insight Nora offers is that a ghost is "a thick silence in a room that fills up the empty space of someone you love."

Aidan offers to leave Josh and Nora so they could have some space. But Josh said that is not necessary and recalls how Sally would come back no matter what obstacles were before her. But Aidan says, "no not this time, I felt her go." Nora jokingly says it wouldn't be too farfetched for Sally to burst out of his chest at any moment. They all laugh and hope that will be true. Aidan is confused and doesn't know what to do now.

Josh asks him when was the last time he ate food, and the scene changes to Aidan chomping down a big cheese burger. He explains how for the first time he could taste food. Josh told him to get chili fries, to which Aidan then begs Nora to facilitate.

Nora left Josh and Aidan alone as she goes to order. The mood of everyone is so much lighter and brighter, all thanks to Sally's sacrifice. Aidan expressed how wonderful it was just to be, to be in existence. Aidan expresses that there is no point to exist without Sally. Josh leaves him alone to reflect and to get him Sriracha Chili Fries.

The episode then cut to Aidan at Pete's RV. He is drinking away his sorrows in front of a fire, reflecting on Sally. Eventually Aidan becomes enraged and begins smashing things, to the point of collapsing in tears on his knees. Aidan awakes in the snow outside the RV and moves in the camper and sees his own reflection.

Back at the house a contractor enters and sees Ramona. He pleads that she leave because it is unsafe environment for young girls. Ramona asks if the man wants to see her room, and runs upstairs. The man follows to again plead her to leave. He goes upstairs and discovers Ramona's room. He says aloud that it is not in the building plans, and is clearly confused. Ramon appears behind him and says it was her secret. She then flings a glass shard into the contractor's throat. Ramona walks away from the dying man, saying, "they shouldn't have left me, but that's ok. We can send them a message."

At the hospital Aidan is with Nora waiting on test results. He reviews the results to discover he is dying, and ultimately not suppose to be alive. Nora consoles him and says that Sally gave him life. He corrects her and says Sally "gave him mortality." Aidan then reveals the results, saying he has the heart of 90 year old, which isn't bad "considering." Nora goes further explaining all his internal organs have aged and are shutting down. Nora confesses to Aidan she is surprised he is still alive, and Aidan gives himself a week.

The episode then cut to the three walking in the snow aside a river, and talking. Josh is talking about being a cook, and Nora is disinterested. Josh is confused and asks why they are not excited. Aidan and Nora say they are, but they have to tell him something. Nora and Aidan tell Josh that Aidan has one week to live.

Josh is upset, and Aidan explains it is the years he cheated coming back to find balance. He is at peace with it, and wants to live to the fullest his last week with his beloved friends. He let it slip during his touching talk that Nora is pregnant, which Josh didn't know. He explains that he knew because he heard and smelled it when he was a vampire, and leaves the two alone to talk.

Josh and Nora did the little are we ready yet conversation typical of most movies and shows. There is fear, happiness, excitement, and all that gravy, you get the point. They embrace and cry together.

Then cut to Aidan at a graveyard leaving flowers for Sally at her tombstone. Then he walks around the city and feels alive for the first time in a long time, but still sad. He ends up spotting a young vampire at a bar, and confronts him. Stopping him from taking a date home to be food. He then walks with the young man for a bit imparting advice and suggestions. The young vampire expresses that he knows that he cannot do it, and will become a monster. He wants to to be human. Then Aidan tells him that all he wanted was to be human when he was a vampire, but now all he wants is to be a vampire again. He assaults the young vampire and tells him to turn him.

Then cut to Nora and Josh cleaning up dinner, and Josh saying he will not take a cooking job. Nora tells him not to give up on what he wants and to trust in what Sally said about overcoming his wolf. Then Josh dismisses her supportive words and revisits his prior week's murder spree and doubts his ability to be a parent. He complains and did his what if situations, and Nora says she trust him. But he needs to trust himself for her to be happy. He changes the subject and says Aidan wants to meet at a bar. Nora tells him to do what he needs to do.

Josh drive to meet Aidan when he spots Aidan in the alley with the young vampire. He jumps out of his car attacks the young vampire and Aidan breaks them up. Jerome (the young vampire) said he didn't sign up for this, and Aidan dismisses him from his presence. Josh and Aidan begin to talk. Josh rebukes Aidan about throwing what little life he has left away and disrespecting Sally's gift. Aidan reveals he was afraid to die. He explains vampires don't get doors, they get nothing. Josh reminds him that he is no longer a vampire, but Aidan scoffs at his naivety. Explaining that being turned human isn't going to wipe clean the slate of centuries of sins. Aidan cries and says he is a coward. Josh tells him he is human, and they embrace.

Aidan is then at the RV cooking on a fire, when Josh drives up with his favorite triple everything in a brown bag. They both sit and begin to talk. While they are talking Aidan is reviewing a newspaper, and sees the house in the paper. The article in the paper tells how the house had a mysterious death of a construction worker. The two get in the car and drive to the house. Aidan tells Josh to let him to do it, because he is dying. But Josh refuses, Aidan explains he has nothing to lose while Josh has everything to lose. Josh won't abandon Aidan so he accepts. He tells Josh to drop him off at a corner to get supplies, and meet at the house in one hour.

Obviously Aidan tricked Josh and goes to the house before and without him. Aidan enters the house with two large duffle bags. A weak and aging Aidan begins exploring the shaking house looking for Ramona. He finds his leather coat in Sally's room and then proceeds to Ramona's secret room. He confronts her.

Ramona is happy Aidan got his message. Aidan said he received it, but there is no point because Ramona can't win anymore. He explains he is now an old mortal man about to die shortly. Sally is gone. Josh, Nora and their baby are moving. Also that her hold on the house can't remain forever. Ramona corrects Aidan saying others will move in and accidents happen a lot.

Aidan offers a second opinion. He suggested it was destiny that him and the other supernaturals moved in and they were predetermined to put an end to her. Ramona scoffs and asked if he plans on stopping her, especially in his condition. Ramona explains that Sally brought her back, but his feeding gave her strengthening blood. The murderous intent in the house is his to choke on, and his regret is nothing. She explains that she laughs at him saying she isn't catholic and Aidan begins choking on blood as Ramona beats Aidan up with her powers.

Ramona berates him, and mocks his hope that he could be saved in the end with a door because he is human. Aidan assures her he assumes nothing anymore, but maybe he can do some good before he leaves this world. He said he died for his family once before, he will happily do it again. Then Ramona pushes him with he powers down the steps, and Aidan falls just like Sally did, and even exactly onto her death spot.

Before dying he takes out a Zippo lighter and ignites it. Then drops it onto gasoline he poured earlier, and the house, including Ramona is set ablaze. Aidan is now the voice over offering some finally thoughts on the meaning of life, but for him the meaning is love.

Josh and Nora arrive at the fire as police and firefighters scurry around in the aftermath. As the exit their car, they see the EMTs carting off corpse. The two enter thee burned down house, and examine the damage. Nora cries and holds Josh close. Josh tells her that he will always be there for her and the baby. Then Aidan interrupts them as he sits on the steps. Aidan is a ghost now! They all laugh and smile. Aidan tells them he is gonna explore and not live with them. As he is joking a door appears behind him and Nora tells him to turn around.

Aidan tells the couple that he loves them and the past years with them were the best in his long life. Josh assures Aidan that they will live a full life in his honor. Aidan walks through the door, and is greeted by Sally. Nora and Josh are able to see her too. Aidan and Sally kiss and then it fades black, transitioning into another scene. The scene is of the kitchen with all four housemates together cooking.

Then Josh is the voice over, recalling how his life truly began when he moved into the house. He talks about how he didn't think he would feel love, friendship and peace in his life, not until he met them. He thanks them and the screens goes white transitioning to Josh and Nora in the woods laying together. Josh and Nora both reveal them have dreams of them all together. Josh believes that it is Sally and Aidan providing those loving dreams. They both rise and reveal their two children, Sally and Aidan!

The End.



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