The Big Bang Theory: 'The Anything Can Happen Recurrence' recap

By Marissa Pessolano,

On this week's The Big Bang Theory, “The Anything Can Happen Recurrence,” Penny tells Leonard about her time on the set of her movie, which isn’t very glamorous. Meanwhile, Sheldon is still driving himself crazy trying to figure out what his new area of study should be. Leonard decides they should bring back “anything can happen Thursdays.” The group agrees but then can’t figure out what to do. The three of them toss around ideas, Sheldon suggesting Lord of the Rings role play. Penny quickly shoots down this idea.

Raj and Howard are trying to decide what to do with their night as well. Raj suggests a horror movie that Emily wants him to watch. He figures it would be better if he sees it with Howard first so he knows what to expect.

Leonard and Penny decide they should go to a restaurant they never tried before without looking it up online first. Sheldon doesn’t like this idea. On the way, they notice Amy and Bernadette having drinks through a window at a bar. The two of them gave excuses as to why they weren’t free earlier. When confronted, Amy says that she needed a break from hearing Sheldon trying to figure out what to study next and Bernadette needed a break from listening to Penny complain about her movie. Penny gets mad and leaves with Sheldon, saying that they are going to go somewhere to complain and support each other because that’s what friends do.

Penny and Sheldon are eating at a fusion restaurant, which Sheldon finds confusing. Penny doesn’t understand why Sheldon doesn’t seem upset with Amy. Sheldon says he is and that is why he will be taking her to that restaurant on their next date night.

Raj and Howard are horrified by the movie, finding it disturbing. They end up having to turn the movie off. Raj doesn’t understand why Emily likes the movie.

Penny calls Howard and tells him where Bernadette really is, as she had also lied to him. Howard gets excited because Bernadette dresses like a Catholic schoolgirl to make things up to him when she upsets him.

Leonard gets a message that Penny and Sheldon are at a fortune-teller. Leonard and Amy are surprised that she got him to go to one. Amy admits that she is jealous of how close and comfortable Sheldon is with Penny and how it doesn’t feel like that between the two of them.

The fortune-teller tells Sheldon that he has difficulties being close with Amy and that everything will fall into place once he commits to her. Sheldon says what she is saying is “malarkey” before he gets up and leaves.

Raj tells Emily that he already watched the movie and that he thought it was disturbing and weird. Emily says that those kind of movies kind of turn her on. Without arguing, Raj starts the movie.

Amy tells Sheldon she wants to make things up to him, so she shows him that she is wearing a Catholic schoolgirl outfit. Sheldon tells her that unless she has Gravity on Blu-ray under her skirt then he doesn’t know where she is going with this.



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