The Big Bang Theory: 'The Indecision Amalgamation' recap

By Marissa Pessolano,

In tonight’s Big Bang Theory, “The Indecision Amalgamation,” Sheldon won’t get up to go to the bathroom since he is busy deciding between getting a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox 1. When Penny walks in the apartment to talk about an audition where she had to cry, Sheldon realizes he cannot hold it in anymore and rushes off to relieve himself.

An upset Bernadette tells the girls that she signed a get-well card for a lady at work that was in a car accident. Bernadette, at the time, however, thought it was a retirement card, so she wrote, “You deserve this. At least with you gone, no one will steal my yoghurt out of the fridge. LOL, smiley face. P.S. Good luck where you wind up."

After laughing at Bernadette, Penny gets a call that she didn’t get the part. She does say that role she turned down in her horror movie sequel is open again if she wants it.

Raj runs into Emily, the girl he met off the internet that he scared off. She gives him a chance to sit and talk with her and see how it goes.

Sheldon eats dinner with Amy and continues to weigh the pros and cons of the two gaming systems. He doesn’t feel like Amy is taking the situation seriously enough. That is when Amy starts over-exaggerating her excitement, patronizing Sheldon.

Penny reads the script for the horror movie sequel and both she and Leonard agree that it is horrible. She also says the job pays less than she makes at the Cheesecake Factory and that the film requires her to wrestle an orangutan. Both her and the orangutan would be in a bikini.

Sheldon comes into the apartment and takes a poll amongst the gang of which gaming system they think he should get. This poll doesn’t help him out much.

Raj gets an email from his ex-girlfriend, Lucy, and now possibly has two interested girls. Raj doesn’t know how he will decide. The gang encourages him to date them both, but Raj isn’t sure about it.

Penny talks to Wil Wheaton about if she should take the role in the movie. He talks to her about terrible movies that he had to do and how hard it can be. He explains that he dreads going on auditions, knowing that they know about the horrible movies he was in.

Raj decides he will casually see both girls while Sheldon goes to the store to obtain a game system. He selects the Xbox 1 and then starts to second-guess himself again. Amy tells him she will buy him both, but he doesn’t like that idea. Amy tries to help him decide by flipping a coin, but that doesn’t work either.

Raj is on a date with Emily when he breaks down and starts telling her about Lucy. Emily thinks that it was adorable that he felt guilty and had to tell her about the situation.

Sheldon and Amy are now sitting in the store with both gaming systems in front of them on the floor. An employee then comes over to tell them the store is closed and they will have to leave. This makes Sheldon cry.

Penny decides to take the job, and we see her trying on her bikini and gorilla hands. That is when Wil Wheaton walks out of the dressing room in an orangutan suit with a bikini on, excited they will be working together.



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