Bill Clinton talks Barack Obama, aliens and Area 51 with Jimmy Kimmel

By Kyle Johnson,

Bill Clinton sat down on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday and talked about the "first black president" and whether there were aliens at Area 51.

Clinton admitted that he was into being called "the first black president" back in 1992, but President Barack Obama "really is" the first black president, reports the Los Angeles Times. The former president also said that after Hillary Clinton lost the primary, he moved on to supporting Obama.

"Since Hillary lost the primary, we've done everything we could to support him," and he figuratively patted Obama on the back for getting 7 million to sign up for healthcare coverage.

Eventually Kimmel turned to a much less serious subject: aliens, according to E! News. Kimmel said the first he'd do if he ever became president would be to look for any evidence the government had on aliens.

Clinton admitted he did that during his second term in office largely because the anniversary of Roswell had been coming up and he knew plenty of requests or questions would come in about that. So he said he his people review information on both Area 51 and Roswell, but said nothing ever turned up.

He told Kimmel that he would have released information on aliens if there had been and was willing to admit, "if we were visited someday I wouldn't be surprised." He jokingly added, "I just hope it's not like Independence Day the movie, that it's a conflict."



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