Bill Murray, Lady Gaga take selfie together on 'Late Show'

By Ian Walker,

Bill Murray stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman last night with his bucket list in tow, eager to cross some things off with the help of his longtime pal.

As TheWrap reports, Murray wanted to clarify that he isn’t dying, but wanted to seek Dave’s help in accomplishing some of his goals, one of which was to tell a monologue joke. Letterman gladly stepped aside and let Murray tell a well-timed Putin joke in typical Murray deadpan, which sent the audience rolling.

That request seemed minimal compared to what came next. Midway through the show Murray came back and lamented that he had never met Lady Gaga. Naturally Letterman looks to see if she is backstage, and out walks Gaga in a bra/panties/fishnets/leather jacket/large mustard yellow hair combo.

When Murray finally embraces with Gaga, he does the next logical thing anyone would do: take a selfie, allowing Letterman to squeeze in with the two of them. As MTV News points out, it’s actually not a bad photo. Add this moment to the list of “things you’d never thought you’d see Bill Murray do.”

Check out Bill’s bucket list moments below.



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