The Black Keys release 'Turn Blue,' second single off new album

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Carney released the single on SiriusXM radio

On May 13, The Black Keys will release Turn Blue, their eighth studio album which focuses on a heavy bluesy-rock sound.

The new song and second to be released is the title track. For those who weren’t too fond of the first released track “Fever,” maybe “Turn Blue” fits more to particular tastes.

Patrick Carney, drummer of The Black Keys, released the track this morning on his own Serious Boredom SiriusXM show.

The Los Angeles infused vibes definitely rubbed off onto the album — calm, cool, psychedelic sounds revolve around what seems will be the entire album along with the hypnotic artwork. The album was also recorded and finished in Michigan and Auerbach’s studio in Nashville.

Other tracks on the album have been discussed such as the Creedence Clear Water Revival-esque “Gotta Get Away,” which shockingly only took the band 10 minutes to write.

The LP also contains a 10-minute song — the longest song the duo has ever written, according to Radio.com.

"It made me a little bit uncomfortable because it was so classic-sounding, but we couldn't deny it," he says. "At this point, there are absolutely no rules," said Auerbach, reports Rolling Stone.

Listen to the new track here:



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