Blackberry wins first round of lawsuits against imitated keyboard company

By Francisco Flores,

Blackberry received a small win in a world of losses against Apple.

In January, CNET reported that Blackberry Ltd. filed a suit against a physical keyboard startup company co-founded by American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest. The company, Typo Products, began manufacturing physical keyboards that could be used for iPhone devices.

After Blackberry lost many customers with the rise of popularity in Apple and Android phones, the once-booming company has struggled to stay relevant in a world of competition. It continues to release new devices to win back previous users, but has struggled to keep up with new devices from competing companies.

The Typo cases Blackberry is suing over are made to fit iPhone cases and connect via Bluetooth. It has a keyboard very similar to that of the classic Blackberry keyboard, which sparked the lawsuit.

According to The Associated Press, Blackberry has won the first round of battle of a long-predicted war against Typo to ban the sales of the accessory keyboard.

Blackberry said in a statement, "This ruling will help prevent further injury to BlackBerry from Typo's blatant theft of our patented keyboard technology."

Though Blackberry was victorious in the early rounds of the suit, Typo could potentially win if they are able to prove that the keyboard was not based on Blackberry's phones.



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