'The Blacklist' Recap: 'The Pavlovich Brothers'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On this week’s episode of The Blacklist, a scientist was kidnapped, Tom was caught and Ressler figured out that Liz was having problems in her personal life.

When watching The Blacklist this week, I realized something. I don’t care about anything else but Liz’s super complicated relationship with Tom. While those brothers were super evil, I just didn’t care. All I wanted to know was what was going to happen with Mr. and Mrs. Keen.

The episode began with nurses administering vaccines. One woman’s heart stops beating. They argue to get her to leave and the officials say no. Finally, they allow her to go. But, they chase after the ambulance to keep her from leaving. They miss her and she has escaped. Cut to the bad guys of the episode. They say that they’re headed to Washington D.C. to capture the woman that was just saved.

In the Keen household, Tom is curious about Jolene’s case. He doesn’t understand why it went from a missing person case to a murder investigation. Liz explains that they found blood. While Tom was looking for his keys, it was revealed that Liz was putting a bug in them.

Liz and Red meet to talk about Tom. Red says that Tom is going to make a mistake soon because he is scrambling. He says that they can’t worry about Tom because he has a new name for the blacklist. The Pavlovich brothers are in town and they are after a scientist from China named Lee.

Liz and Ressler chase after her but are too late. The Pavlovich brothers have put her on a helicopter and are abducting her. The scientist came to the US to tell the government about something that she invented. And the Pavlovich brothers were paid to send her back to China.

Liz goes to meet Red again. They are watching Tom, who is waiting for someone. Red says that it must be hard for Liz to watch him because she was so betrayed. She says that she wants to put her hands around Tom’s neck and strangle him.

Tom starts to leave but Red has agents following him. Liz, like an idiot, doesn’t listen to Red and gets out and follows Tom. He goes into the National Archives building and begins to meet with a man. When Tom sees Liz, he doesn’t make the swap. He just leaves.

The Pavlovich brothers are holding Lee. They are waiting for a boat to take them away. She writes something on the wall but passes out from the drugs before finishing it.

One of Red’s men found Tom in an old building. So, Red hires the Pavlovich brothers to get him. After a shoot out, the guys grab Tom and take him back to the apartment.

Liz questioned Tom. She begs him for answers. She screams. She breaks his thumb. He gets away. Liz questions who he is working for but he doesn’t answer. HE eventually gets away after getting loose via broken thumb.

He says that Reddington is the bad guy and that Liz needs to be careful. He says to take the key from under the lamp and look in a safety deposit box.

They obviously save Lee from the brothers as she was about to be loaded onto a boat. Because Liz isn’t there, everyone questions her loyalty and if Red is what is keeping her away. Ressler says that it probably isn’t Red, it’s probably her personal life.

Red comes over to Liz’s house and sees her. He says that she deserves the best and that is why Tom had to try so hard to win her over.

She opens up the safety deposit box and gasps. But what is inside?

Quote of the Night: “I think she’s having some trouble at home,” Ressler.



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