'The Blacklist' Recap: 'The Undertaker'

By Lauren Wheeler,
Who is Tom Keen?

On this week’s episode of The Blacklist, the Undertaker set up murder suicides, Tom and Elizabeth renewed their vows and Red and Elizabeth planned Tom’s downfall.

The episode began with a woman getting into a cab. She calls her child and says she is going to be home soon. Then, the driver kisses a picture of his wife and drives the cab into the back of a truck and it explodes.

Cut to a man with a folder that reads “Client Information.” He calls someone to do a wire transfer. The show follows him home to the most horrifying home yet. He eats mushrooms and lays underneath a UV light. Then, he pulls off his nose. Yuck.

Elizabeth is having breakfast. She’s acting weirdly around Tom because he’s a super-secret spy. Feeling her pull away, Tom proposes and wants to renew their vows. Elizabeth says yes. After he leaves, she goes crazy. She destroys their house. She Hulk-flips the table. She throws everything off the counter. Later, she politely cleans it up. To be honest, I would have destroyed the apartment, keyed his car and probably punched him the face. But, hey, that’s just me.

After her little anger episode, Elizabeth is ready to get to work. She sets up her own clue board. She demands to know what Red knows about Tom but he says he doesn’t know much. She accuses him of lying and wants to know what their connection is. Red tells her to focus on the case at hand.

Meanwhile, the Undertaker strikes again. He has a woman catch herself and another man on fire. At that point, Elizabeth takes her information about the Undertaker to the post office and they make a plan to catch him.

It turns out that each assassin had a terminal illness, and their family came into a large sum of money after the deaths. We find the Undertaker talking to a man at a hospital and giving him details on what he can do to make sure that he can make money for his family.

Elizabeth has gone right into her catch-Tom plan. She planned the surprise vows and invited Tom’s “brother,” Craig. Craig pulls Tom aside and says that he thinks that Elizabeth has caught on to the fact that Tom isn’t who he says he is. But before he left, Elizabeth stole his glass to get his finger prints.

Dembe comes over to pick up the glass. He asks her about the color of the paint and she tells him. It’s a cute little Blacklist moment that sets it apart from all of the other crime dramas on TV. After picking up the glass, Dembe and Red head to San Salvador to talk to a scientist to get the DNA off the fingerprint on the glass.

The Undertaker case was so boring that even Ressler let Elizabeth take a break from it. However, they find the man with heart disease before he kills an important doctor. After thinking, they realize that the last three cases were connected. They were all part of a study. They then realize that the man who is responsible works at a life insurance office. He is dying and getting revenge on the people that hurt him when he was in the study.

Elizabeth follows Craig to the hotel. She takes a page out of her husband’s book and hits Craig with door to knock him down. She and Red talk to him. He refuses to talk to them until Red shows him that they have his mother.

Craig says that there is a woman named Nicky in Tom’s life, and that he has a real brother in Chicago. When Red questions him on who Berlin is, Craig jumps out the window. Seriously, he would rather die than tell them who his boss is. Seriously, who’s Berlin?

The Undertaker pulls a gun on the doctor who was in charge of the study. Ressler saves the day and arrests the doctor, hoping to calm down the Undertaker. As Ressler is walking away, the Undertaker explodes himself.

At the end of the episode, Red is in Cooper’s office reading the Undertaker’s files. Cooper asks if that is what he really wanted but Red just grins. Love him.



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