Body in lake identified as missing doctor

By Michelle Kapusta,

A body found in an Indiana lake has been identified as the remains of a missing Kalamazoo, Mich. doctor.

According to CNN, authorities said that the Porter County Coroner's Office confirmed that the body pulled from the water on Sunday is that of Teleka Patrick.

The Detroit Free-Press reported that the 30-year-old medical resident displayed some erratic behavior before her disappearance four months ago.

Indiana State Police received a call on Dec. 5 that a car was speeding and driving carelessly down a highway. Later, the vehicle was located in a ditch with Patrick’s wallet and identification left behind.

What has been puzzling to investigators is that the car was abandoned over 100 miles away from Lake Charles where Patrick was eventually found.

Some of her family members said that the doctor could have been suffering from a mental illness, but they are left with more questions than answers.

Officials did not initially say that they believed foul play was involved, but her death remains an active investigation.



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