British man stabs ex’s new lover while dressed as rabbit

By Michelle Kapusta,

A British man has received an eight-year prison sentence for viciously stabbing his ex’s new beau while dressed in a giant bunny costume head.

According to the Western Daily Press, Mark Pritchard wore the rabbit costume head to disguise himself when he attacked Martin Williams.

The Bristol Post reported that on Oct. 3, Pritchard arrived at his ex-lover, Lee Corbin’s home. Knowing that his ex was away, Pritchard acted as if he was delivering a gift sent from Corbin to Williams. Pritchard then tried to knock out Williams with a chloroform-soaked handkerchief before stabbing him with a knife.

Williams struggled with the rabbit costume-wearing attacker and knocked off the costume head, which revealed Pritchard’s identity before he fled the scene.

Police caught up with the 46-year-old later and found a receipt for the costume.

He received the eight year and eight-month prison sentence after admitting to the attack on Williams, who suffered two stabs wounds and multiple defensive injuries.



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