Bryan Cranston discusses the grossest scene to film on 'Breaking Bad'

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Cranston tells details to 'Psychos We Love' panel at the Tribeca Film Festival

Over the course of five entire seasons of trouble that Byran Cranston’s character of Walter White encountered, he skipped over Jane’s overdose and even Gus Fring’s half–faced death, to choose an unexpected moment from season one, episode two, to be the grossest scene of all.

Bryan Cranston discussed what he though was the foulest moment of the show at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Tribeca Talks panel, reports Indiewire.

It’s only fitting that the panel was titled “Psychos We Love.” Most Breaking Bad fans heavily relate to this. It’s only normal to root for the bad guy, right?

Season one, episode two, focused on Jesse Pinkman’s inability to listen to his former high-school chemistry teacher. He disobeys his quest to buy a container in which to dissolve a body and instead uses the regular bathtub — the chemicals eat away at porcelain tubs.

“The whole ceiling came down with all the liquified body parts and we had to clean it up. Even though it wasn't real, I found myself gagging," said Cranston, reports Rolling Stone.

Cranston continued to make an overtly interesting comparison between Walter White and President Lyndon B. Johnson, his latest character portrayal in Broadway’s All the Way. Cranston noted that LBJ was a man "who damned the means justifying the ends."

"He would do anything in his arsenal to be able to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish. He would throw someone under the bus who was an innocent if need be… If he was not that type of a person, would he have been able to accomplish these things? It's a sad statement on humanity," said Cranston.

Look out for more Breaking Bad discussion sand insights in his 2015 memoir.



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