Bryant University president asks students to resist taking selfies at graduation

By Rebekah Penner ,

Selfies may be all the rage as of late, but they won’t be on this college campus. Ronald Machtley, Bryant University’s president, has asked the graduates to not take selfies of themselves with the president when they received their diplomas at commencement.

In order to save time during the name-calling process at the graduation, Machtley urged his students to resist taking selfies, according to the Associated Press. Bryant University, a private institution in Rhode Island, will have more than 800 students gradating on May 17.

Machtley has acknowledged that many students ask to take selfies with him on campus at various times during the day. Students are allowed to continue to take these photos leading up to the day of graduation. A new website has been put up by the university to allow students to post the photos.

Machtley will be allowing photos to be taken with him following the ceremony.

This is not the first time regulation has resulted from the infamous selfie. As previously reported, the White House is considered banning all selfies taken with the president. After a selfie was taken featuring President Barack Obama and Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz, cellphone company Samsung later used the photo for promotional purposes.

Dan Pfeiffer, a senior advisor in the White House, voiced concerns that the president’s image was used to promote a product.



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