California mom admits to stabbing 7-month-old son to death

By Morgan Cox,

After stabbing her 7-month-old infant to death in the Del Valle Regional Park of San Francisco, a California mother is facing murder charges.

The East Bay Regional Parks District police arrested Ashley Newton after she admitted to the crime.

"This is an extremely shocking case for us," said Chief Timothy Anderson.

The mother is believed to be suffering from depression, but the motive for the murder is still unknown by the investigators of the alleged crime.

According to the Associated Press, the police were notified of a damaged sedan left in the east San Francisco park and, when they found the car, it was still running and an empty child's seat was inside of the vehicle.

Soon after, Newton walked up to the police as they were getting ready to tow her car, with her lifeless child in her arms. Though officers tried to resuscitate the infant, their efforts failed and the child was pronounced dead at the scene.

Newton admitted to the stabbing and was arrested. Officials found a knife near the scene which is believed to have been the weapon of the committed crime. The Associated Press noted that the stabbing occurred on Camp Arroyo, a popular children's camp site.

KABC-TV reported that Newton is still in jail without the possibility of a release on bond.



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