Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel let their 'Sex Tape' leak in red-band trailer

By Daniel S Levine,

The first trailer for Sony’s Sex Tape has been released, setting the film up as a raunchy film that reteams Bad Teacher stars Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz.

In the film, Segel and Diaz play a happily married couple with two kids who are trying to reignite their love life. They decide to film a sex tape, which they planned to erase right away. Unfortunately, Segel’s character let the video automatically get uploaded to the Internet, where their friends and family watch. You can check out the NSFW trailer here.

Diaz recently spoke about filming the movie with People, noting that they had so much fun doing it, they couldn't believe they were getting paid.

“Sometimes I would stop in the middle of a scene and go, 'Everybody hold on! Do you realize we're getting paid to do this?' We had such a fun time laughing our asses off, having such gratitude that this is our job,” she recalled. “We get to be idiots all day long and tell a really sweet story at the same time.”

The actress said that they were filmed having sex in just about every position imaginable. “There's such trust [with Jason]," Diaz said. "We both had each other's backs. Our day was, 'My ass is going to be in your face and your package is going to be in my face!'”

Sex Tape, which reunited the two with Bad Teacher director Jake Kasdan, opens on July 25.



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