Cannes Film Festival picks Marcello Mastroianni for 67th Festival poster

By Daniel S Levine,

May is around the corner, which means that so is the Cannes International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious events on the festival calendar each year. This year, the organizers have picked a face for the poster, one that is recognizable to any student of film. The great Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni is on the poster, which uses a still from Federico Fellini’s classic 8 1/2.

The poster was designed by Lagency of Paris and shows the famous image of Mastroianni peering over his sunglasses check out a beautiful woman (like Claudia Cardinale, who is in the film). Organizers said that by choosing him as the face of this year’s festival, they are acknowledging how important Italians and Europeans have been to shaping cinema.

“The way he looks at us above his black glasses draws us right in to a promise of global cinematographic happiness,” the designer said in a statement. “The happiness of experiencing the Festival de Cannes together.”

Chiara Mastroianni, the late star’s daughter, said that she is “touched” to see Cannes pay tribute to him. “I find it very beautiful and modern, with a sweet irony and a classy sense of detachment. It’s really him through and through!”

Last year’s winner of the top prize, the Palme D’Or, was Blue Is The Warmest Color. This year’s festival runs from May 15 to May 25.

image via Twitter from Festival De Cannes



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