‘Captain America’ opens with large box office numbers for late night showings

By Chelsea Lewis ,
The film opened with $10.2 million during late night showings

The Marvel cinematic universe is not slowing down anytime soon. The latest film from Marvel, Captain America: The Winter Solider, had a huge opening on Thursday night, taking in over $10.2 million during late night showings.

The last Marvel film that opened was Thor: The Dark World, which only took in $7.1 million during late night showings, Variety reported.

Chris Evans' star power, and the Marvel name behind the film, might be enough to reach early domestic forecasts of the film bringing in $90 million. If this happens, it would make Captain America: Winter Solider the largest April opening of all time. This would end up taking the top spot away from Fast Five, which opened with a final total of $86 million from Universal Pictures.

Forbes added that Thor: The Dark World opened to $85 million and went on to earn $645 million. Marvel studios also has the highest grossing film of all time on their resume, The Avengers.

Watch the trailer for Captain America: The Winter Solider here:



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