‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ dominates on social media during opening weekend

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Marvel Studios' latest release, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is dominating the box office and social media streams around the world. The film already has over 11 million "likes" on Facebook, and its trailer has collected over 77.6 million views on YouTube.

The film is on its way to reach close to $100 million during its opening weekend, and that could be partially because of strong social media buzz.

Variety reported that Captain America is the second most-liked Marvel character on Facebook, right behind Iron Man.

Compared to Marvel's previous release, Thor: The Dark World, fans of the Captain America sequel have been more active on social media channels. Seven percent of fans have already been engaged on social media before the release of the film, compared to the 6 percent that were engaged for the second Thor movie.

Along with winning the social media conversation, Captain America has already brought in over $20 million at the box office on Friday alone and around $10 million from late-night screenings on Thursday, Forbes reported.



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