CBS denies that Chelsea Handler is being considered for late night spot

By Daniel S Levine,

Chelsea Handler sparked speculation that she really has had meetings with CBS about a late-night slot with an Instagram photo on Monday, but CBS said today that the E! host is not really in the running.

The popular comedienne was among the names linked to CBS in the hours after David Letterman announced that he was retiring from the Late Show in 2015. There has been speculation about Craig Ferguson’s future at 12:35 a.m. on The Late Late Show, so if Handler didn’t get Late Show, she would be considered for Ferguson’s slot.

Handler is practically a lame duck at E! Network, since she plans on leaving this year. She wrote on Instagram that she has been on a “tour” with her dog Chuck and was waiting for a business meeting to start. She was holding a packet with CBS’ familiar eye logo, which lead fans to assume she was going to be meeting with CBS.

But in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, a spokesperson said that there have been “no discussions” with Handler about taking that 12:35 slot. “Her meeting with CBS yesterday was a general meeting with our syndication group,” the statement read.

The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert was ultimately picked to replace Letterman and will be chatting with Letterman on April 22.

image via Instagram from Chelsea Handler



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