CBS gives 'Judge Judy' primetime slot in May

By Daniel S Levine,

Judge Judy may already be the most popular syndicated television show in history, but Judge Judith Sheindlin will make an appearance in primetime on CBS to give the show an extra boost.

The eye network announced plans on Wednesday to air a one-hour special called Judge Judy Primetime on Tuesday, May 20 at 8 p.m. Rather than just an expanded version of a Judge Judy episode, the special will focus on Sheindlin’s career and her rise to a Hollywood star.

Judge Judy Primetime will include an excerpt from her 1993 60 Minutes interview, which brought her to the attention of Hollywood executives. Portions of her 2003 60 Minutes interview will also be included.

The show will look at how Judge Judy is put together. It will also include a highlight reel of classic “Judyisms,” the phrases she frequently uses that have been parodied and have become a part of America’s vocabulary.

Judge Judy premiered in September 1996 and has been the No. 1 courtroom show in the U.S. since then. It has been the top-rated syndicated show for the past three years and the No. 1 daytime show for four straight seasons. Judge Judy is also shown in 125 markets worldwide.

Judge Judy Primetime will be produced by CBS TV and Queen Bee Productions.

image via Twitter from Judge Judy



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