Celebrity Tweets - April 3: Celebrity Throwback Thursday

By Marie Blake,

Happy Throwback Thursday! Today, some of our favorite celebrities took a blast from the past by sharing some old photos of themselves and others. Some may make you cringe, others may make you laugh, but all of them provide fans with a look of how their favorite celebrities have changed over the years.

In this set of photos we see a young Paul McCartney, as well as a young Cee Lo Green and Katy Perry. Rapper Eve shares a photo of a moment she shared with another powerhouse singer. Kelly Rowland looks back at a music video shoot. Donnie Wahlberg looks back on his model pout.

Perez Hilton shares a photo from 2009 with two familiar faces. Soccer player Hope Solo looks back on a Gold medal win, and Elizabeth Banks sits back and reads the paper. Nicole Hilton shares a photo of her and Paris as young kids.

Today I bring you some of the best celebrity throwback Thursday photos.

Paul McCartney

image via Twitter from Paul McCartney

CeeLo Green

image via Twitter from Cee Lo Green

Katy Perry

image via Twitter from Katy Perry


image via Twitter from Eve

Kelly Rowland

image via Twitter from Kelly Rowland

Donnie Wahlberg

image via Twitter from Donnie Wahlberg

Perez Hilton

image via Twitter from Perez Hilton

Hope Solo

image via Twitter from Hope Solo

Elizabeth Banks

image via Twitter from Elizabeth Banks

Nicole Hilton



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